Why do men meet escort girls?

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Why do men meet escort girls?

Sometimes when I feel a strong connection with my client, I can afford to ask indiscreet questions. And one of them – “Why did you choose to hire the escort?”

Some men avoid talking about it, while others are willing to share their motivation. I have spoken to many men and heard many stories and revelations. After doing my own research, I found the most common reasons why men choose to date escort girls. This is not a comprehensive study that covers all possible reasons, as it is based only on a sample from my clients.


In this blog post, I will put my clients into groups according to their primary motivation for meeting the escort. 



Those who are not fully satisfied at home. 


This is the largest group of my clients, and it includes:

  • Men who have a high libido and do not get enough sex at home.
  • Men who did not have sex with their wives for a long time.
  • Men who have some special desires or wishes. 

Men who want to fulfill their special sexual fantasies could be ashamed to explain their sexual wishes to their wives or girlfriends for fear of rejection or criticism. They also could be afraid to offend their wives by asking them to satisfy their kinks. Still, also, some wives could be reluctant to fulfill their dreams. Oddly enough, most men do not ask for anything extreme; many just want to enjoy a good blow job. And you will be surprised to learn how many wives do not even give oral sex to their husbands. Other popular requests are foot fetish and light BDSM. 


They see the meeting with me as an opportunity to fulfill their desires, and no one else will find out about it. Nobody will judge them for their “innocent” wishes. In most cases, I can give them everything they want.


Many men told me they have sex with their wives only a couple times per year, and a few did not have sex in the family for years. Usually, they told me nearly the same story: a wife, whom they often describe respectfully and who is still loved, after a certain point, often after giving birth, is no longer interested in sex. They still are, but they respect this decision and do not insist. I have heard many versions of this story, which always makes me sad. Such marriages could look happy for others, but I think that a man cannot be happy in such a relationship.

Many of these men still have a high libido and can have sex several times per day. I would be lying if I did not mention that some of them masturbate periodically.

The vast majority of men from this group are decent, respectful, well-dressed, well-groomed, well-mannered, and well-educated. They are successful in their professional careers, married, and have kids. Some are good-looking. 

Most of them believe that meeting an escort girl is not a сheating on their wives. Moreover, some prefer to remain faithful not only to their wife but also to their favorite escort girl. So they meet only one escort girl, even if she is located in another country. I do not want to brag, but I have several established clients who come to Riga just to see me.

Meeting these men, I sometimes see myself helping them save their marriages by supplying something they cannot get at home.

While it is noteworthy to recognize that few men from this group feel guilty and shame after the meeting. They regret having sex outside the family and promise themselves that it will never happen again. Nevertheless, some time passes, shame and guilt disappear with time, and they lust to meet again. However, other clients are getting addicted to meeting escorts over time and come periodically. 



Those who cannot stay with one woman.


For a large number of men, monogamy is not an option; these men cannot stay faithful to one woman no matter how hard they try if they actually try. They are not guilty, it is male sexual nature by design. They believe getting everything they need and want from just one woman is impossible. Some of them are frustrated with their wives, and some are happy with their wives, but they want to try something new, add some excitement to their life, or boost their confidence. 

Certain men date the same escort girl only once. They meet a new escort girl every time looking for an escort girl interested in filling their desires and dreaming about having a true girlfriend experience. However, they are also often disappointed when they get only intimate contact without emotions.



Those who are single and do not look for a partner.


What kind of men can refuse to seek relationships and prefer to date an escort girl rather than a girlfriend or wife?


Men who are very busy with business and do not have time to look for a relationship. So they do not have time to look for girls on dating sites, go on many dates and meet without a guarantee that they will get exactly what they want. 


Others do not have enough money for dating or do not want to spend too much money. Shockingly, dating a girlfriend could be more expensive than meeting an escort girl, even a high-class escort girl. 


These men know that real relationships with girls are risky, complicated, and require a lot of effort. A girl can reject a man for various reasons. Escort girls are much less demanding than girlfriends and wives. They accept their clients unconditionally and offer intimacy on demand, regardless of their true feelings.


Some men think it is dishonorable to court a woman with whom they have no desire to build a long-term relationship but only want to have sex. They can get sex from an escort without any strings attached or other emotional baggage associated with the relationship. 


Other men are insecure about their ability to please women sexually or do not want to care if a woman has a good time with them. So it is better to meet an escort girl and enjoy selfish sex.


Many such clients like to meet for 3+ hours. They want the escort girl to not rush and pretend to be a girlfriend. 

Those who have limitations or disabilities 


Some men have disabilities, psychological insecurities, or low social skills that prevent them from building relationships. Many of them suffer not only from lack of physical intimacy but also from loneliness. They need someone to share their feelings. 


Such men would love to have longer meetings, but even booking for one hour could often be a financial challenge for them.


I can give men emotional engagement, psychological stability, and empathy. I read that intimate contact with a girl can be therapeutic and helps men feel better after a romantic date, and I totally agree with it. I hope, in most cases, meeting with me benefits their sexual and mental health.



Those who are on business or leisure trips


There have always been quite a few foreign business people and tourists among my clients. Most of them do not meet in their home country as they are afraid to be recognized. However, when traveling, they seek help to chase away loneliness, relax after/before a stressful business meeting, or just want to get maximum pleasure on their leisure trip.


These are the ones who are likely to want to save time and make things straightforward. Usually, they book for one or two hours. But if they book a longer meeting, they often invite me for dinner or a glass of champagne at the restaurant before going to a hotel room to have romantic moments.



Those who are still virgins


And last but not least innocent men who want to have their first time (and sometimes also following several times) with an experienced and understanding girl. Surprisingly, there are relatively many such men, especially after I published this blog post.

As you can see, the reasons why men hire escorts are very diverse. 

I think there is one more reason these men have in common: they all want sex with a more beautiful and hot girl than their current partner or the partner they can find in their everyday life.

Meeting an escort is the best way to enjoy excellent sex or get a new sex experience. I know what the men expect from me, their wants and needs, and how to satisfy them.

Did I forget to mention something? What is your motivation for meeting an escort? Which group do you belong to?

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