Easy Way to Lose Your Virginity

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Easy Way to Lose Your Virginity

In the last two years, I’ve met many male virgins aged 19-27 years who came to me for their first time. Men who have never had sex always have many questions, doubts, and fears of failing when having sex for the first time. Hence, I decided to write this blog post to describe how it will happen if you choose to lose your virginity with me.

About me…

If you have not checked my web page and blog yet, a bit about me. I am a friendly, sincere, and open-minded lady, what makes me a perfect partner for casual conversations and romantic moments. I enjoy giving a man a gentle massage, as I love to touch and caress men, and I enjoy being caressed by men. 

Read this blog post to learn what makes me different from other escort girls.

With me, in my safe and cozy apartment, you will feel like being with your girlfriend, not like with an escort girl. 

How we start…

So we will start our date by having small talk to know each other better, and it will help you calm down if you are nervous. You will have a chance to get all my questions answered. Don’t be afraid to ask dumb or inappropriate questions. Almost all virgins ask nearly the same questions. I most likely won’t be surprised.  



Then we can take a shower together. After a shower, I will give you a massage. I will touch you leisurely and gently until everything happens by itself. I perfectly know what to do and how to ensure you get a pleasant first experience without any stress, worry, or embarrassment. You will get an excellent opportunity to learn more about the female body and what girls usually like or do not like in relationships. I will accept your possible mistakes or awkward behavior in a non-judgmental way. Your first time will be ideal, and you will remember it fondly. If one time is not enough for you to get confidence, you can return again to get more practice.

You can ask… Why choose an experienced girl for the first time? 

An experienced girl knows how to treat a man to please him, will help him get over the first-time jitters, and advise how to build relationships with other girls. Losing virginity is much easier with someone with experience than with another virgin or your less experienced girlfriend.

Still in doubt? You can check out my photo gallery. Many men have told me that, in their opinion, I am the best escort girl in Riga, and I trust them, as many of them have dated a lot of girls. Your virginity is valuable to lose it with a high-class girl like me. 

Please take into account that I only meet men over 18 years of age. Be prepared to verify your age if you look younger than your age. 

What do you think about losing your virginity with an escort girl? 

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