Escort Girl Gallery

Escort Girl Gallery

Merry Christmas!

Everyone is anticipating Christmas now, but not me. I am waiting for Santa to bring me the gifts. I know that Santa likes bad girls, and this year I have been a very bad girl! Do you want to be my Santa?

VEF Culture Palace & Jauna Teika (August 2022)

My recent photo session was held at the VEF Culture Palace and “Jauna Teika” in August 2022. This place is highly recognizable and close to my apartment. The renovated and well-equipped VEF Culture Palace, is today not only a sought-after tourist attraction but primarily one of the most important cultural centers of Riga and Latvia. “Jauna Teika” is a center of apartments and offices near Riga Center and VEF Culture Palace. Currently, this area is developing more and more, and properties for purchase and rent are in high demand.

Grand Poet Hotel and SPA by Semarah

Grand Poet by Semarah is located in the center of Rīga, very close to the Old Town. It is one of my favorite escort-friendly hotels. I have been there many times; the beds are very comfortable in superior rooms. These pictures were taken in the Junior Suite.

Livu Square Apartment in Old Town

The cozy apartment on Livu Square in the Riga Old Town is perfectly suitable for romantic rendezvous. It is located in the heart of the Old Town and Dome Square vicinity, about five minutes to walk from Radisson Blu Latvia Hotel.

Hotel Monte Kristo

The Boutique Hotel Monte Kristo is located in The Riga Old Town. These pictures were taken in its luxury suite with a sauna.

Riga Old Town

I adore walking through the narrow streets of the Riga Old Town. Its narrow streets create a distinctive atmosphere, so I want to wander around for hours.

In these photos taken in the Old Town on Trokšņu Street, I wear my casual outfit – the white blouse with the comfortable Hugo Boss jeans and high-heeled shoes. I wear high heels every day, even if sometimes it hurts, but I like how they improve my posture and gait.

Trokšņu street is close to the Latvian Parliament. This small narrow street was formed next to the northern city wall. There were the guards on the wall whose duty was to make as much noise as possible when enemies were approaching the city. It explains its name – Noisy Street in Latvian. Nowadays this place is quiet and not crowded.