The hidden costs of female beauty, or one more blog post for those who challenge my prices

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The hidden costs of female beauty, or one more blog post for those who challenge my prices.

Some clients often desire to meet immediately or shortly after our communication by phone or WhatsApp. Some others still try to haggle over my prices even after reading the blog post about time wasters.

In this blog post, I will share with you what it takes to prepare for the meeting, and I hope you catch why I cannot meet immediately after your call. I will also slightly open the veil of secrecy covering the price of female beauty. Reading this post, please pay attention that I spend not only money but also a significant amount of time. 

So to prepare for a meeting, I not only have to take a shower, wash and dry my hair for 30-40 minutes, but also apply light makeup, which takes about 15-20 minutes, and about 5 minutes to put to the skin a moisturizing cream or oil. And last but not least, 5-10 minutes while I choose what to wear and put it on, maybe a little bit longer if you have expressed any wishes about my outfit. Easy to calculate that, at best, I need at least one hour to prepare for a meeting. This is provided that the apartment has already been cleaned, or I will go to outcall. 

To keep a well-groomed appearance, I regularly attend the following beauty treatments:

  • A haircut at least once a week. A hairdresser does my hair, gives me a head massage, and puts a mask on my hair. Usually, it takes at least 2 hours of my time. 
  • A manicure on average 3 times a month, and each time it takes about 2 hours.
  • A pedicure every 3 weeks, and each visit takes at least 2 hours. 
  • A visit to the solarium for 15-20 minutes at least once a week. 
  • When required, I also attend other beauty treatments, such as massage, waxing, mesotherapy, and some other procedures that men should not know about but just enjoy their results.

In this case, the time calculations are a little bit more complicated and differ depending on the week, but in any case, not less than 10 hours are spent in the beauty salons every week. In addition, I also spend time getting to the beauty salon and back to my place.

I visit only the best beauty salons in Riga, e.g., Ambassade de la Beaute Latvia, Andrey Silchenko Hair Salon, Institute Kerastase, Aesthetica Beauty Clinic, Blue Box. There are the best masters, and an absolute pleasure and excellent care for both men and women. However, the prices are pretty high; please check the above links and their prices. After checking their prices, you will no longer allow yourself to challenge my rates. I am not even talking about spending on sexy lingerie, which men love to take off me, and luxury brands cosmetics.

I am also a fan of a healthy lifestyle, so I often go in for sports to keep my body in perfect shape. Sport is a vital part of my daily routine; I do sports early in the morning before my daily work, devoting at least an hour to it every day.

Every man likes to meet a well-groomed woman. If a girl accepts a meeting right away, you will most likely meet an untidy girl who may have been with another man a few moments ago. In this case, you will be relaxing on the same bed linen where another man laid about half an hour ago, and you may even be able to smell the scent left behind.

You buy the time you spend with me, and at this time, I entirely give myself to you. Usually, I give so much energy and attention to a man, so sometimes I need to spend some time alone to restore my energy.

I believe a wife or a girlfriend costs much more than regular meetings with a high-quality escort girl. An escort girl will look better than your casual sex partner you could get easily and quickly. And an escort girl will be ready to fulfill your fantasies that your casual sex partner could be reluctant to do. An escort girl does not judge you for your fantasies and will not gossip about your dreams with your friends or anybody else. If you ask an escort girl to stick a candle in your butt and light it, you will not be the first person who asked her to do that, and she will not be disgusted with you, especially if you remember to tip her. Of course, this is an extreme perversion and happened only once with me, but more popular wishes, such as foot fetish or light BDSM, are asked by almost every second client.

Considering all the above in this blog post, I believe my prices are reasonable and could be higher. Due to my healthy lifestyle, I do not meet at night. And for personal reasons that I have already blogged, I do not share my facial pictures. If I were doing that, my prices would be higher. 

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