What annoys me the most in my escort career?

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What annoys me the most in the escort job?

Time WastersI am often asked what annoys me the most in my escort career? And I answer without hesitation that time-wasters annoy me the most; they turn me off and drain my energy. Every minute of my day is planned carefully, from my first job to beauty appointments and meetings with clients. My time is limited, and I cannot afford to waste my time with bogus chatting and fake dates. Therefore I try to avoid time-wasters at all costs.

This blog post will describe the types of time wasters that I meet most often.

#1 Fake Chatters

It is the largest group of time wasters, every day I spend minimum two hours chatting with them.

These guys write a lot, beg more and more pictures, ask many questions to learn detailed info about every my service, and share their desires and fantasies. However, they suddenly become unusually silent as soon as I ask them when they want to meet. They are also reluctant to give any details about themselves. Most of them do not intend to book a date.

And here are some tips for identifying such time-wasters:

  • They start the communication with a very short not informative message, e.g. "r u available?"
  • They failed to read the info on my website, as they keep asking the questions already answered on my website. I believe that serious clients always take a look at my website before making contact to ensure that I am the right girl for them, my services meet their requirements, and my rates are within their budget.
  • They promise a lot, e.g., to become the regular client, book 6-8 hours, or even overnight. I have many regular clients, but none of them promised to become the regular client without even meeting me; instead of that, they made a booking, then they made another booking, and another, and then finally they are the regular client.
  • They ask for video calls that I never accept. Please consider that harassing me with video calls is the easiest way to get blocked.
  • They send their dick pictures or tell me how huge their dick is and how they will use it on me. I am not interested in discussing such topics and collecting male genitalia pictures.
  • They ask me to send them naked pictures of myself or pictures where they can see my face, which I never do. More than enough pictures to understand how I am drop-dead gorgeous could be seen in my photo gallery.

    #2 Price Hagglers

    No DiscountThese guys look interested in meeting me, but they have the only concern that my rates are high. So they want to get my services cheaper or ask for free extra services.

    Some hagglers are creative and have pretty witty reasons for getting a discount, e.g., being a virgin. In fact, virgins are challenging clients, and helping the man lose his virginity usually requires a lot of effort and energy. I helped with that many times, and I always made the losing virginity meeting a little bit special. I offer virgins to meet at least for an hour and a half. However, getting a discount is out of the question in this case, as well as in all other cases.

    I provide excellent service, am an amiable, well-groomed woman, and know what I am worth, so my rates are not-negotiable, and I do not give any discounts. If a man wants to get a cheaper girl, he needs to find somewhere else. Would you be willing to do your job for less money than it is worth? I do not.

    #3 No-Show Guys

    These guys book the meeting, but they do not come to my place at the scheduled time or do not let me in their hotel room door when I come to their hotel. Such issues are much less frequent when I go outcall because I always ask for verification to ensure they are not fake.

    This group also includes men who cancel or reschedule shortly before the scheduled time or men who are late without warning.

    This is a message I got today when I was preparing myself for the meeting:

    Sorry honey gotta move our date. Got a stomackflu or foodpoisoning? Had breakfast in old town and now feel like bit sick.

    #4 And last but not least... No-Cash Guys

    Cash OnlyI only accept cash, and it is impossible to pay me with a wire transfer, a credit card, or bitcoin. Some guys come to me without cash and waste my and also their time walking to the closest ATM and back.

    Every escort girl knows that time is money, as time is what we charge for! Nobody wants to do their work for less. What about you?

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