Why did I choose to earn extra money as an escort?

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Why did I choose to earn extra money as an escort?

I am often asked why I chose a part-time escort career in addition to my professional career? This blog answers this question.

Many men think that escorts are poor girls who come from dysfunctional families, and even some of them are drug addicted and being exploited by pimps. However, the truth is that high-class escorts are primarily from well-to-do families, live a healthy lifestyle, are well-educated, and have a wide range of interests. And I am one of them – well-educated, studied at two universities, and have a professional career. Growing up, I had a loving family and was never punished or abused. Do not feel sorry for me. I am not a victim, and I live a better life than most of my clients.

I am fond of the company of men, their touches, and confirmations of attention. Many men adore me, and I love when they feel good and happy in my company. I feel pleasure and excitement when they look at me naked with admiration, without averting their eyes. I like to try different roles, sometimes as a friend, a girlfriend, a porn star, or even a strict mistress. I appreciate receiving additional income that helps me develop my own small, at least for now, business in another industry and get an education. Frankly speaking, I am somewhat addicted to receiving excellent gifts, eating in fashionable restaurants, relaxing in luxurious resorts, and living with pleasure. 

I am passionate about meeting new people and getting to know better men’s psychology from all walks of life and different cultures. Every man has his own life story, and I always listen with genuine interest and respect, without judging, but trying to support him emotionally when necessary. Even though I did not study psychology, many men have said that I have solid psychological skills, and they feel comfortable and relaxed in my company. Such compliments motivate me to help even more in their difficult life, providing emotional support and helping to relax. I must admit that it is not easy, and sometimes I feel emotionally drained and need some time to recover after the meeting.

Another reason for working as an escort is that I am a woman with several costly hobbies and a wide range of interests in life. Unfortunately, the income I get from other sources cannot cover all my living expenses yet; therefore, the escort remuneration is vital for my cash flow. Life is too short to be bored and not enjoy it! And I need money to live this life to the fullest!

Some escort girls do it only for money and do not enjoy meeting clients. A high-class escort will always be interested in your personality; it is not just when the girl does a quickie, charges for an hour, and sends the man away with empty balls and a thinner wallet. A high-class escort is not only about a sexual relationship between a girl and a client but also about time spent together, friendful communication, and respect for each other. 


Another question that I am often asked by men who already have learned a lot about me is: why do I still do my professional job if I am so into an escort. And the answer is I will not work my whole life as an escort even if I really enjoy it. Later or sooner, I will start a different life, meet a life partner and establish a family. I also want to develop my own business and make it the only single source of my income. There is a high possibility that I will become rich and famous in a few years, at least in Latvia. And this is a reason why I am worried about protecting my true identity; therefore, I do not accept video calls, and I never share my facial pictures. 


After reading this post, you learned why I love working as an escort. If you enjoyed it, you might be interested to read this blog post about how I am different from other escort girls, which I wrote quite a while ago, but it also tells a little about my motivation. Of course, escort also gives some unpleasant moments and you can read about them in this blog post

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