Meet me free of charge? No way!

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Meet me for free? No way!

Sometimes regular clients and occasionally also men I have not met yet offer to have a good time together in my place or their place for free. Some may also invite me to meet in a restaurant or a SPA or join them on their travels. I would be happy to meet you there, but not for free, and I expect to be paid for my time spent with you according to my rates. As I have blogged in the past, I am not a girl who does not eat enough or live in poverty, so I do not meet for food or a SPA visit. If you intend to pamper me, you can bring me a gift or tip me.

I also understand that sometimes a man is not ready to have intercourse with a girl he barely knows. It may take him some time to see if they have chemistry, and he desires to move forward. However, I am not ready to sacrifice my time. For such cases, I offer a contactless face-to-face meeting to chat and get to know each other better. Please note that it is not free, and I charge for such meetings according to my rates. Either way, it will pay off for you. If you are interested, I can give you detailed information about the best restaurants, bars, and entertainment places in Riga and the surrounding area. It will help you get the best experience and not overpay for food and entertainment.

Others, planning to get laid with me for free, try to engage me in a romantic relationship. I must admit that sometimes the thoughts about turning over a new leaf, starting a relationship, and quitting escort cross my mind. Indeed, when this time comes, I will likely look for my future partner also among my regular clients. However, I have high expectations for a partner. I will not list all of them here; I will just mention that I might be interested in an intelligent person without bad habits, with significant achievements in business, who loves travel. And last but not least, it should be a person with whom it will be exciting and pleasant to be together.

The bottom line is that I like men and spending my time with men, but it is still my job, a job that I adore. I love being able to give a man the fantasy he had always dreamed of, instill confidence in a man, and help him mend things in his life both sexually and emotionally. But I do not provide any opportunity to meet me for free. I can be in the mood for sex, and I can like a man, and he can even turn me on, but I do not spend my time with him for free. I build my professional career, develop my own small business, and have several hobbies. I am not a clock-watcher, but I will not give my time for nothing; for me, time is the most valuable and scarce resource.

Several years ago, I read the book “Principles” by Ray Dalio about his life and work principles. One of my takeaways from this book is that it is much easier to live, work and make critical decisions when your principles guide you. Thanks to this book, now I also have my set of principles. Someday I will write a blog post about my principles. For now, I will only say that one of my principles is never to work for free. Nobody wants to work for free, do you? 

In conclusion, I would like to say once again that I do not give discounts, and haggling over my prices is the fastest way to get blocked. I plan to write a blog post that touches on beauty costs and time expenses, and I hope there will be fewer price hagglers after publishing it.

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