Raise a Glass and Find a Girl at the Bar

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Riga Old Town

Raise a Glass and Find a Girl at the Bar

Riga is a city with a thriving nightlife, offering many bars to choose from. In this review, I will take a closer look at the Top 3 best bars that Riga offers: Barents Bar, Stage 22, and Skyline Bar.

First up is Barents Cocktail and Seafood Bar. This tiny seafood bar is located adjacent to Barents restaurant and features just a few tables. The bar boasts an elegant design, exuding an old European charm. The bar offers a wide range of cocktail classics and drinks with a Nordic twist, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Barents Bar is renowned for serving some of the most delicious cocktails in Riga and delectable snacks. It is the ideal spot for post-dinner drinks to savor life’s little moments. By the way, the perfect place for dinner is restaurant Barents next door. The service at Barents Bar is unparalleled in Riga. Keep in mind that reservations are highly recommended as the bar tends to be fully packed after late in the evening.

Next, I have Stage 22. This bar is located on the 8th floor of the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga. It offers the perfect blend of delicious food and drinks, a serene ambiance, and breathtaking views. On the occasions I have been there, it was never overcrowded, making it an ideal spot for business meetings or those looking for a peaceful and quiet environment. The terrace provides a panoramic view of the Latvian National Opera, the park, the Latvian Academy of Sciences, and the Radisson Blu Latvia Hotel. The bar serves a wide range of international cuisine, prepared using locally sourced ingredients and an impressive selection of signature cocktails.

Last but certainly not least comes Skyline Bar. Skyline Bar is a popular choice among tourists and locals alike, thanks to its stunning views of the city from the 26th floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija. This bar is one of the best cocktail bars in the city, and it offers a diverse menu of crafted cocktails and delicious snacks to cater to all tastes. The quality of food and drinks at Skyline Bar has dramatically improved following the Covid-19 restrictions. The atmosphere is sophisticated and chic, making it an excellent option for a special occasion or a night out with friends.

So no matter what your taste in bars, Riga has something to offer. Whether you want to listen to live music, try local craft beer, or sip on delicious cocktails, you will find a great bar in Riga. If you are a beer lover, be sure to check out this blog post. However, Barents Bar, Stage 22, and Skyline Bar are definitely worth considering for a night out in Riga. Each bar offers a unique atmosphere and a great selection of drinks, making them all worth a visit. And I will be happy to meet you at one of these bars.

This is where I could end my blog post, but I must fulfill my New Year’s resolution. So, next comes the promised bonus.

Some men ask in which bars they can find girls to get laid with for free. So in this blog post, I also review the Top 3 bars I can recommend for finding the girls.

First is Cloud Nine, a premium-class cocktail bar in the heart of The Quiet Center of Riga. Here you can enjoy a wide range of high-quality cocktails, rare kinds of alcohol, and gourmet snacks while smoking hookah until 2 am. The bar has a fireplace where visitors can warm up, a great sound system, and high-level service, making it the perfect spot for a great night out. The bar features a DJ on weekends, so it is better to make a reservation as tables tend to fill up quickly.

Next is A’Drop, a recent discovery that pleasantly surprised me. This hidden gem of the Quiet Center offers an exciting selection of cocktails based on fine champagnes and various interesting snacks. The bar uses only the highest quality ingredients in its food and cocktails. As a champagne lover, I found this place particularly delightful. On weekends, a table reservation a few days in advance is recommended. In my opinion, the downsides of this bar are the high volume of people, and the music can be a bit loud. However, this is the place to be for those looking to meet beautiful women.

And probably the best place to experience Riga’s vibrant nightlife, St.Black & Rock Cafe Urban Stage, is close to the Radisson Blu Latvia Hotel. The location adds a unique charm to this place. While the cocktails are good, I found the snacks to be mediocre. The service can be slow due to the high volume of people and the limited number of bartenders and waitpersons. On weekends, the bar features live music and dancing until almost morning. St. Black combines a restaurant and a bar with DJ music on weekends. I particularly enjoy visiting this bar during the summer when it is possible to sit outside. However, my only downside to this bar is that it can be pretty loud and crowded on weekends. Nevertheless, for those looking for a lively party with a lot of people, St. Black is a must-visit destination.

According to some foreigners who shared their experience of finding girls in the Riga bars, beautiful and well-groomed women are not particularly interested in getting closer to foreigners. Some girls could be only interested in drinking a cocktail or expensive champagne together. It is sporadic for foreigners to establish close contact with a local girl in the Riga bar, and hiring an escort usually is safer, more reliable, and cheaper.

This might be another good place to finish this post, but I cannot stop myself, so my tips are for getting closer to girls follow.

However, the tips given below should be approached with a certain degree of circumspection. You must exercise discretion and employ common sense when practicing these tips. What may be effective for one man may not yield similar results for another.

Finding a girl is challenging, especially if you are not experienced. It is easy to get discouraged by rejection or frustration with yourself, but these feelings will pass if you keep going!

Beautiful girls usually don’t go to bars alone, so taking a friend with you could help.

First of all, practice personal hygiene and well-grooming, and dress neatly.

Then, trust and know yourself. Some people are more visually attractive, while others rely more on emotions and communication. It is essential to understand and use your strengths properly and be aware of your weaknesses.

Next, have patience with yourself and the process, as it could take numerous attempts to get a girl in your bed. Get the girl’s attention, make eye contact with her, and feel free to start the conversation.

Be generous, but also remember that you can meet girls who are very good at getting a man to spend a lot of money without giving anything in return. However, even if you want to get sex for free, you still need to spend some money, at least for food and drinks. Be prepared to spend more than for an escort.

Be friendly and open-minded in your communication, display open body language, and do not be too picky, probably you will not be able to find a luxurious girl who looks like a high-end escort.

Try to become more physically intimate with the girl by touching her hand, watch her reaction to understand if you are welcome to get closer.

Do not be afraid of rejection, it is an integral part of the process. No one succeeds on the first try. Accept the rejection gracefully, learn from it, and continue trying. Do not take the rejection personally. Keep your confidence in yourselves, and you will get better at communicating with girls over time. Also, facing rejection, do not give up right away! Confident communication and good manners can fix the situation.

In conclusion, while I have shared some of the advice with you in this blog post, there are many more layers to this topic. I would be honored to guide you further in your journey, providing more detailed insights and strategies. Please do not hesitate to reach me for a personalized and confidential consultation, and you will get tailored advice.

Finally, that’s it, and it seems this is the longest blog post I have ever written. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading my blog post, and the information provided here has been helpful. Thanks to everyone who read this post, and I promise not to write such long blog posts again. Good luck in finding girls!

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