Where to drink good beer in Riga?

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Where to drink good beer in Riga?

One more question asked too often. And now Jāņi is coming, so this question becomes even more important. Here are my personal top 3 good places to drink beer in Riga.


Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant means Well Living, and the place itself corresponds very well to its name. It is an excellent place to meet friends and have a good time. Also, it is authentic - old antiques, black and white photos, maps, posters, and wall advertisements create a unique atmosphere. A wide selection of beers is available, and my personal choice is Leffe Blonde. Please take into account that on Friday and Saturday nights it is better to reserve a table in advance. If you are not on a diet like me, you could accompany your beer with 1.5-meter long sausage served on an oak platter with various vegetables and sauces.​


Valmiermuiža Beer Kitchen

If you want to enjoy a popular Latvian beer with traditional Latvian cuisine, then I would like to recommend Valmiermuiža Beer Kitchen. Valmiermuižas beer is well known among locals. This place offers a good selection of Valmiermuižas beers accompanied by amazingly cooked Latvian food. There are many combinations that you could not even imagine. Try that place, and you will find your favorite pair there. There is also Valmiermuiža beer shop next to the pub. And only here you can buy some unique beers that can not be found in other places, and also Latvian wines, ciders, and snacks.

Taka bar

The nice decorated pub offers a wide selection of Latvian craft beers, and some of them are brewed especially for this place. At the same time, the menu is short, so it is not the right place if you are hungry and it is better to visit it after having dinner at another place. In late evenings it is crowded with friendful local people 20-30 years old who enjoy a creative environment, good music, and table games. The place is located quite far away from the Riga Old Town, so beer and other snacks are offered for a very democratic price. And the service is high class, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Valmiermuiža Beer Boutique

And if you still have not decided on a place where you want to go for drinks, you can shop at Valmiermuiža Beer Boutique. This place offers not only a wide variety of different kinds of beers, but also a large selection of local wines and other alcoholic drinks. Everything is in one place. A perfect place for alcohol shopping!

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