How to make sure we have a good time together

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How to make sure we have a good time together

Clients often ask me what I like and dislike about escort dating. This blog post describes my escort etiquette or expected code of conduct for my clients, i.e., what do and what not to do if you want to be a nice client.

A little bit about me

Escort is not just my occupation; I choose it because I enjoy sex, and easy to come. Otherwise, I would not be doing escort. I like to feel my power over men and love to be under the control of a strong and self-confident man.

I enjoy spending my time with a man. I like dating a polite and intelligent man. I love to caress and hug a man. I adore relaxing without haste, giving a massage to a man, and gently touching different parts of his body. I also like it when a man gives me a massage. I am a great listener and can talk about various subjects.

Every new client is a challenge for me and a chance to meet a lovely man and make him a repeat client. And I do everything I can to make us have a good time together.

I will make you feel loved, and you will get an unforgettable experience that exceeds all your possible expectations. You enjoy my companionship, intimacy, and passion, get all your desires fulfilled, and even will be able to learn how to become a better lover to improve your relationships and sex with your regular partner.

You can read more about me in this blog post and on my web page.

My expectations from you, or what it means to be a nice client

Do not worry if you are not good-looking; your handsomeness, body shape, and age (if you are 18+) do not matter at all. In my opinion, men’s personality is more important than looks anyway. And the most important thing is your attitude towards me; I expect you to always treat me respectfully.

I also expect you to be well-groomed and clean. Take a shower, wash yourself thoroughly, and pay special attention to your private parts. Brush your teeth, take care of your hands, feet, and nails, and wear clean underwear. A clean and fresh body attracts quality sex.

Please be sober and in a good mood, be open to communication, and do not be shy. The hardest thing for me is a meeting with a man who is not communicative, nervous, or under the influence of alcohol.

Please do not haggle over my rates; they are not negotiable.

So, as you have just read, my expectations from you are pretty modest, and almost anyone can fulfill them.

Frankly, I was in doubt whether it was worth mentioning it. But don’t be concerned if you have a small tool. Even if your tool is about 3 cm, I will not be unpleasantly surprised, and this will not be an obstacle for us to have a good time together. And if I have already touched on this topic, then, in fact, I am a skinny fit girl, and it can be a challenge if you have a huge tool, especially if you want A-level.

My taboos

I never accept a meeting with you if you have used drugs.

You cannot grab me roughly, my skin is soft, and I get bruises very quickly. You cannot bite me, pull my hair, or tear my clothes without my consent. Tearing my clothes is an extra service for an additional fee.

I don’t like the odor of cigarette smoke, and I don’t smoke myself, so you cannot smoke in my presence. However, I will allow you to smoke electronic cigarettes in my place.

Please do not come to my place without my consent, especially at night. I always sleep at night and don’t take clients. Lately, several well-known clients have come without warning; while I was with another client or just relaxing. I am not available 24/7, and need some private time to relax and sleep; let me have some time for myself only.

Under no circumstances ask for sex without condoms. I never accept that.

Prepare yourself for making the booking

Read my web page to learn more about me and my personality, and understand if I am the right girl for you.

Please ensure that my rates are within your budget. My rates and services are explained on my web page. I do not give any discounts, and attempting to negotiate the rates will bring you nowhere. If my rates seem too high for you, please consider finding another girl.

Figure out when and where you want to meet and for how long. Think if you have any special wishes and desires.

I am fully vaccinated and do the COVID rapid antigen self-test every week. So you will be absolutely safe meeting me. Please do not book the meeting if you have a fever, cough, or other COVID symptoms.

Choosing the place of meeting

I would like to meet you at my apartment; it is a cozy and safe place.

However, I also like to meet in a hotel, restaurant, sauna, or on a yacht.

I am a woman who likes quality food and good champagne, so I would be happy to enjoy meals together with you in the best Riga restaurants. Please don’t invite me to go to McDonald’s, Hesburger, Kebab, or pizzeria for dinner, as I don’t eat that kind of food.

Making the booking

Our good time starts from the time you touch base on my WhatsApp. Briefly introduce yourself, let me know the desired time of the meeting, place, and meeting duration.

Express your wishes if you have any. I am good at understanding men, but I cannot read minds. If you want something, please be forthright, and do not be shy. Do not worry; I will not judge you for your desires and fantasies. I have heard so many perverted fantasies that you hardly surprise me. If something is unacceptable to me, I will just say no, and we will forget about it.

Tell me everything I need to know to not be surprised when we meet. Several times I was invited by men in wheelchairs, and nobody of them mentioned it making the booking. If a man is disabled, this is not a deal-breaker, but it is better to know about such things in advance so that I have a chance to better prepare.

If you want to invite me to your place, please be prepared for the verification procedure; please treat this with understanding and provide all info I will require.

Before our meeting

There have been several cases when men forgot about our scheduled meeting; therefore, if the meeting was scheduled a few days or weeks ago, I can remind you about our meeting. So I maybe send you a WhatsApp message a few hours before the scheduled time to remind you about our meeting. Please do not ignore my message and confirm your presence. Otherwise, I may not be available at the agreed time.

Our time together

Let me know in a timely fashion if you will be late, and do not overstay. If you want to stay longer, ask me if it is possible to extend our date.

Please also do not arrive earlier than agreed. Most likely, I will be busy preparing myself and my apartment for our date, so I will not let you in earlier.

If the meeting occurs in my place, always take off your street shoes at the door. And do not lean against the walls in street clothes so as not to stain it with street dust.

If you invite me to your place, whether your apartment or a hotel, make sure that it is clean and tidy.

I am cheerful and open-minded to trying something new. So I can do almost everything you wish. However, if I feel uncomfortable doing something, I will tell you about my boundaries, and you need to respect them. Remember to be courteous under any circumstances.

And finally, one piece of advice: Do not hold back at the beginning because you want to prolong the intercourse. Doing that sometimes ends in not being able to finish at all. It is better to fast come the first time and try one more time after a short pause. 

After meeting

You can show your appreciation by tipping and writing a positive review.

You do not need to tip, even if you have just had the best date in your life, but if you do tip, I will appreciate it, and you will make my day. A generous tipper is never forgotten.

Also, a positive review does not hurt me, and writing the review is the easiest way to return the favor.

I really adore to meet men if they respect my conditions. If you are nice to me, you get better service than if you are not. And I look forward to meeting you again as I enjoy seeing my lovely clients again. 

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